The factor – Formal Organizational Leaders as Collaboration Champions – involves three elements:

  • Ability to move towards a common goal,
  • Leadership buy-in to collaboration,
  • Transformative leadership qualities and skills.

An organizational factor which influences successful collaborations between primary care and public health is organizational leaders as collaboration champions. Three elements which describe this factor identify the qualities of leaders within organizations that build and support collaboration between primary care and public health. 

  1. One element is the ability of leaders to move towards a common goal, which refers to being instrumental in bringing people together and supporting and encouraging them to work together to achieve a common goal.
  2. A second element is leadership that buys into collaboration, meaning that leaders understand and value the importance of collaboration and what can be achieved by it and create a vision for collaboration.
  3. The third element is transformative leadership qualities and skills, meaning that leaders have a clear unwavering vision and capacity to bring about change for the benefits of a collaboration. As an example, a leader may see the value of having new services offered in the community and would inspire others to see the potential of collaboration to realize this change.
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