There are a number of challenges to address in the decision making process in collaboration.

  • To think decisions need to be perfect,
  • To avoid unnecessary time constraints,
  • Negative personalities.

It doesn’t have to be perfect!
A decision needs to be made! Do not get hung up on little niggling details but ensure that you understand the pros and cons of major issues before moving into decision making. A challenge for decision making is having enough time to consider the options, work through all potential issues, and then to decide.

Also, it is important to avoid unnecessary last-minute decision making. You need to take the time to consider all issues and avoid making decisions too quickly without adequate reflection. Haste may make waste.

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Not enough time to decide ~ Avoid unnecessary last-minute decision making.


Planning well in advance supports the decision-making process. Unnecessary rushing does not permit individuals to review the information reflectively.  We work best when we can plan ahead of time and review the facts. Then, we can make the best decisions.

Negative influences can sometimes be related to some team members’ attitudes, which is another intrapersonal factor – values, beliefs, and attitudes.

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Public Health NurseOne primary care dietitian observed “it’s the attitudes that are the challenge sometimes.”

The challenge of decision making can be who is involved in the process.

Be Prepared
It is a good plan to have a strategy to resolve conflicts and have effective rules of engagements when making decisions.


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