Case Example

In response to public health concerns such as severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS) and listeriosis, public health across Canada has been undergoing major reforms. Provinces and territories have identified essential functions of public health, yet have defined them somewhat differently and have different processes for administering and implementing them. Examples of Systemic Level Policies/Frameworks follow:

  • British Columbia – Core Functions Framework (2006),;
  • British Columbia – PROMOTE, PROTECT, PREVENT: Our Health Begins Here (March 2013),;
  • Nova Scotia – The Renewal of Public Health in Nova Scotia: Building a Public Health System to Meet the Needs of the Nova Scotians (2006),;
  • Northwest Territories – Caring for our People: Improving the Northwest Territories Health and Social Services System (2014),;
  • Ontario – Ontario Public Health Standards (OPHS) (2008),
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