The factor – optimal use of human resources – involves four elements:

  • Matched professional skills to needs,
  • Professionals work to optimal scope of practice,
  • Organizational mandates enable working to optimal scope of practice,
  • Flexible, accommodating application of skill sets.

Research IconResearch shows that optimal use of human resources is a significant factor in successful primary care and public health collaborations. It involves matching professional skills, including professional and non professional skill sets, to meet client and community needs.

It also means that professionals fully apply their professional knowledge and skills in practice and that the organizations for which they work allow them to do so.  It is also important that there is flexibility and accommodation in the application of these skill sets.

 Social WorkerSometimes you need to pitch in and do some of the dirty work that nobody really wants to do.”


Primary Care Physician“In some health units, the medical officers are a backup to the nurse practitioner, even though they are typically policy and administrative people.”



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