CommunicationsHere are some examples of formalized communication mechanisms that can act as enablers for your collaboration:

  • Sharing technologies for communication, including current and evolving communication technologies;
  • Communication needs to occur on a regular basis even if the collaboration has been developing well;
  • Committee meetings held over an early breakfast, lunch, or another convenient time that suits a busy primary care office;
  • Development of information systems for sharing data and general communications;
  • Shared minutes of meetings.

Structures that are enablers for communication include:

  • Shared office space, lunch room, or resource centre,
  • Computer and phone access,
  • Common networks or communities of practice,
  • Being available to answer questions.

Remember that collaborations evolve and thus touching base now and again with people at all levels (front line to directors) in all organizations that are involved is imperative in collaborations.

ListenListen to the social worker, who is involved in a child health collaboration involving primary care, public health, and other community partners, discuss enablers related to communication mechanisms.

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Establishing teams or committees with relevant membership from each collaboration partner is an important enabler to ensure that strategic plan development by partners occurs. Cross-sectoral planning meetings should occur regularly.

A steering or project committee for the collaboration should be established to help design; direct and support services; evaluate program data; advocate for necessary service improvements, and establish an internal and external ongoing communication plan about the collaboration.

Do not forget to talk about risks! Risks need to be discussed and processes to deal with the risks or unexpected consequences should be identified. These processes can be included in a project charter or terms of reference.

Formalized tools to support strategic planning are enablers at the organizational level which can include co-created:

Tools to enable coordinated clinical and administrative processes can include:

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