Case Example

Personal knowledge qualities, knowledge, and skills matter! Remembering Mary …
Mary, one of the team leaders in a primary care setting, had to relocate and left the setting. There was a public health-primary care meeting regarding a recently formed collaboration that Mary would have participated in as she was a member of this group.

When Jim, the Public Health Nurse arrived at the meeting, he was informed of the situation. His remarks about Mary were telling,

Mary at Meeting“Mary was remarkable. She always came through with the information we needed … very tenacious that way. She promoted the project and asked penetrating questions when suggestions were discussed. She had the personal qualities that you would want in a team-mate as well as a leader.

The collaboration was really helped by Mary being part of the group.  She was always developing and encouraging others to take on leadership roles – like Saima – maybe Saima could step in Mary’s vacant place.”

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