Consider the following elements.


  • Respect for one another,
  • Collaborators who have shared philosophies,
  • Positive attitudes toward the collaboration,
  • Commitment to move a collaboration forward.

A shared passion for equity and social justice is primarily a public health focus; however it is a natural fit for public health staff to work with primary care staff [for example; in Community Health Centres] who share these values and beliefs. This is consistent with our central theme of the nature of collaboration.

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PharmacistOne pharmacist explains his experience 
You’ve got to have people working together who can park their egos at the door.  You’ve got to look beyond ‘what’s in it for me’, and you’ve got to look into the real concept of ‘we’.  We’re in this together. We need to do this together. It’s our responsibility.”

A collaboration is enhanced when there is a positive regard and appreciation of each other’s views and roles in the collaboration. There may be diversity in perspectives and expertise of individuals yet there is respect for the others’ points of view. Consider this comment from a public health nurse.

Public Health Nurse“The thing is how to work in teams. Everybody is equal. We all have different roles; we have different responsibilities; and we have different accountabilities. We may have different diverse viewpoints but we value and respect the others’ position and viewpoints. We are not superior beings to any other person at the table. You cannot actually collaborate as long as you feel like you are superior to the person with whom you work.”

The evidence is that there needs to be a consciousness to value everyone contributing to your collaboration. A collaborative organizational culture is another factor which is closely linked to shared values, beliefs, and attitudes. If the leadership in each organization fosters working together towards a common goal within a collaborative organizational culture, then staffs’ values, beliefs, and attitudes about the collaboration will more likely be shared.

Engaging in effective and ongoing communication supports a collaboration especially when there are shared attitudes among partners. Shared values also flourish in environments with trusting and inclusive relationships. Shared values enable a collaboration and are enhanced with positive personal qualities, knowledge, and skills.

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