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A group of public health and primary care professionals discussing what should be included in a curriculum to develop competencies that would be helpful in an education program targeted at the intersectoral public health-primary care collaborative processes:

Students need to understand the importance of valuing everyone’s contribution. That is, understanding the contribution of professionals working in public health, primary care, and community care – understanding that everyone is a valued partner.”

“I agree and I also think that understanding the concept of group processes and team dynamics to support effective intersectoral professional collaboration is an important lesson for students.”

“I believe that the students need to understand what role clarification means – this means that practitioners understand their own role and the roles of those in other professions.”

“Students need to understand what is meant by collaborative leadership – that it is responsible leadership which is responsive at the intersectoral, professional level and how this should work.”

 “Well, we should anticipate everything in a collaboration including things that could go awry. So, understanding conflict resolution – we need to have well-developed strategies when conflicts and disagreements arise in a collaboration. Students need to learn these skills too.”

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