Transcribe IconA social worker’s perspective on primary care and public health collaboration.

“Okay … collaboration; have not found too many detriments related to it. I guess I’m finding that there are multiple eyes from multiple perspectives on patient cares out there. That leads to, I find, a web of solutions from not; you’re looking at it from different disciplines. You’re getting different input from different disciplines. You’re getting different perspective on assessments. I don’t just have that little twenty minute window of assessment.

I have someone who has stayed in a shelter with someone for a week’s worth of shifts. I find with this, also, we’re in a much better position to prevent things from happening as opposed to letting them boil to a real problematic state. Someone, as I’ve mentioned from different disciplines, different perspectives, can notice when things are starting to go array from the very beginning; let us know when these things are going to happen before they explode in our face. We prevent evictions; we prevent people from having to use shelters. I don’t see a downside to collaboration.”

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