Transcribe IconThis social worker, who is involved in a child health collaboration involving primary care, public health, and other community partners, discusses enablers related to communication mechanisms.

“It’s a collaborative approach. There are ground rules that we put up at every meeting in terms of confidentiality and what stays in the room. We talk about strategies for continuing to develop our collaboration. We talk about initiatives that are happening in community. We talk about cuts that are happening to programs and how to advocate for them. We also talk about other gaps and resources in the community, including the number of special needs kids not being picked up by school and child care. That dialogue goes on at that table all the time.

In our collaboration, everybody from the inner city has been invited to the table. It’s open in that people come and go. However, there is a core group of people and we share some responsibilities; for example, each organization rotates taking on the minutes distribution. We do this for other pertinent functions related to the collaboration.”

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