Transcribe IconThis social worker explain his lack of understanding about the goals and roles of individuals in the collaboration that are related to organizational level factors but are experienced at the interpersonal level. 

“There is a lack of integration from the top to bottom – me being on the bottom of course. So, there is a lack of sharing of information related to the goal we were trying to reach as a collaboration.  It’s not the technical information, but knowing about the whole project – its goals and aims. Also, I have difficulty knowing who I should contact and the best way to contact that person in the collaboration.

On top of that, I don’t know what role each person plays in the first place in relation to the goals. So even though I’m the public health worker here, I didn’t know who the nurse practitioner was who was filling in this week in our collaboration. This situation could be easily resolved if we just communicated more in our day to day work.”

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